Our process explained

We develop websites that offer fluidic customer experience with minimalist layout, delightful User Experience and prominent call to action that improve user engagement and grow client’s business.

Planning & Analysis

The Brand Strategy team performs a thorough research of client’s industry along with a comprehensive brand audit to develop a web strategy that suits their brand identity and business goals.

Web Page Design

Websites are precisely designed to provide ultimate user experience with prominent Call to Actions, faster page load times and strong SEO influence thus improving usability and performance.


Our team of seasoned developers follows a rigorous process to ensure that all technical and functional requirements are captured, delivering a full-fledged functional website.


A very sound SEO strategy is critical for a single page website to rank well on search engines. Our Content and Marketing Strategy team use the client’s industry-relevant content and keywords, thereby bringing in more leads through your website.


We have a skilled testing team who performs end to end usability testing, functionality and web compatibility testing to ensure there are no last minute surprises.

Final Delivery

Once the fully developed website is proof checked, it is then sent over to the client for approval and finally handed over after their approval. We also provide Annual Maintenance Contract Services for all the website we develop.