new look / refining


UTOO – Premium Cabs at Economy prices

UTOO, the fresh entrant in urban commute, is a taxi-hailing service based out of Chennai started with a primary goal of providing premium services at affordable prices.

Color Palette

The logo has an orange colour, which people normally associate with a cab service, in order to look familiar and instantly recognizable.

Logo Construction

UTOO wanted a logo that reflects their brand objective of providing professional services to their customers and at the same time project a friendly tone. We came up with a minimalistic logo which reflected culture and voice of the brand, creating a unique car design with the same letters as their name.

UTOO’s Requirements

UTOO wanted a light, intuitive app that can scale rapidly to handle millions of transactions. The app was to be made compatible with both Android and IOS platforms and needed to have a simple signup form to keep the customer onboarding process very simple and easy to use.