K7 Computing

K7 Computing is a global leader in providing safe and secure computing experience for home users and as well as enterprise users across various industries. They have over 20 million customers in over 100 countries.

Launch The site


K7 Computing wanted a Global site which reflected their brand identity – Smart, Secure and User-Friendly.

Colour Palette

Blue stands for Positivity and Growth and Orange stands for Energy and Smartness. Black and Grey’s color combination was derived from their logo to reflect Security and User friendliness.

UI/UX design for a Global User base.

We built a Light, Dynamic, Responsive and rapidly scalable website with E-commerce and a powerful CMS backend. The website we built now handles over 2.5 million visits a year, providing a rich user experience to all K7 customers.

The Category pages were designed in a clean layout with prominent Call to Action for every product.

Lucid Product Page Design

The Product pages were designed with clear and illustrated information about product features to enable users to make informed decisions.

Product Pad Design

Product descriptions in short and crisp definition with a strong call on action to drive purchase decisions.