Todo App

This is a brand new app designed and developed by Spiceblue. This classy yet to be named Todo app basically does what it says. It helps users create their todo’s in a simple way possible without any possibility of confusion. It is simple in working and rich in design. So it is designed to have a beautiful interface, attractive colors and detailed animations to make a strong user experience.

How you get things done is more important than just getting things done OR [Tons of to-do apps are out there but there is only one-of-a-kind must-have app that saves you from neck of the moment panics and pressures]. This to-do app is nothing but Ultimate Organization. From Travel to Work and Hangout to Personal and Shopping, To-do helps you strike a perfect balance, well, with such ease like no other to-do’s. Planning with todo is beyond ease! Just give it a name, date and time and what exactly are your plans for that event. To-do also keeps you posted with tasks that are completed and those pending. It’s as easy that. Nothing but efficiency with ease!

Designed to deliver user ease and comfort, the interface is neat and clean to avoid confusions. Vivid colors and detailed animations pave way for a stronger and complete user experience. With To-do, deadlines are no more dreadful!

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