The Bacon Egg and Cheese

Bacon egg and cheese is a restaurant chain like KFC and McDonalds. They wanted something different from the usual logos of the other food chains and hence the logo.

Logos are exceptionally expressive. As much as they build your brand image, they can very well destroy it. So a well thought-out, distinctly different, iconic logo is a definite must for a brand to survive [or make a strong presence] among its competitors. And that’s the story behind the birth The Bacon Egg and Cheese.

There is so much of research that goes behind every tiny little logo that we create at Spiceblue. This logo is a well-sketched combination of both visual and verbal and the association between the image and the text, we believe, is the life of this logo. It’s just a burger nevertheless establishes the brand identity and creates a strong impact that will last for ages to come. So it’s not about building brand identity rather a sustained presence in the minds of the audience is what we aim at Spiceblue. The intuitively innovative colour choice reflects professionalism and adds to the classy nature of the logo. Given a chance, we make your logos speak on your behalf.