Push Time

Time tracking has been long unsolved worry for all the employers. Often the employees forget to input the time or they are lazy to update the time in timesheets. This leads to a lot of inconsistencies. It becomes a serious issue when the payment is made depending on the hours of work. When various teams work on a project time tracking becomes even complex. Pushtime aims at solving all these problems. We started to conceptualize the user requirements and arrived at clear wireframes after numerous iterations. Then we made a clean and professional looking visual design with meaningful white spaces which conveys the content in a straight forward fashion.

Pushtime addresses the various problems through features like automated time log, invoice generator and team and client management. The time log can be linked to Github, Google Calendar and various apps that the employees use and automate the entire process of time tracking. Manual time entry is also possible. Invoices can be raised based on the hours of work and the pay per hour, which is also automated. Various projects can be added and a team of employees can work on the projects. The clients of the corresponding projects can also be added, so that they are able to view the status of the work in progress. Reports can also be created to track the efficiency of the employees. Thus an easy to use interface which solves the employer’s problems and completely nullifies the frustration of the employees.

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