We are into the era of wearable and there is no better way to start other than designing an app for the Apple watch. No other device has been so closely connected with the user like the Apple Watch. It is the most personal device from Apple. Everything is just so simple on the Apple Watch. We at Spiceblue strive to make the interfaces even simpler. We always have in mind that the whole point of getting the app to the wrist is to complete the tasks quickly and easily with the best possible user experience. There are always times when you are in a hurry and want to quickly get a cab. No more meddling with your smartphones in such cases, the Ola Apple Watch App lets you book a cab in a jiffy.

The Ola app enables viewing all available cabs nearby and book them within seconds. Our main aim was to get the core functionality of the smartphone app into the Apple Watch, i.e the cab booking. You can choose what type of cab you want from the menu, the possible options being Auto, Mini, Sedan and Prime. View the available cabs near you and get one to pick you up right away or schedule a ride for later by choosing the time at which you want the pickup to be scheduled. On booking the ride, get the confirmation from the driver of a nearby cab almost instantly along with the driver and cab details. All interactions are very intuitive and can help in accomplishing the tasks quickly. We have designed the app in an aesthetically pleasing way, which is always one of the main motives at Spiceblue.

Initially we read the entire Apple Watch Specifications a number of times to get a complete understanding of all interfaces and components. We first started to analyze the existing Ola mobile apps and filter out the major functionalities and user goals when it comes to the more personal Apple watch. We then made numerous pencil sketches trying out various layouts and screen flows and finalized the ones which made the booking process simple with minimal interaction. On moving to the digital space we started to design the wireframes keeping the guidelines in mind. We made various iterations of design with input and suggestions from numerous sources and reached a point of most minimal interaction and fewest screens for the process of booking a cab. Then we moved on to the visual design with a task of making the interfaces look aesthetically pleasing. We also made it a point to maintain consistency of the interfaces across all platforms.

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