In this era of smartphones, still waiting in the queue to book your tickets? It is high time you start getting electronic! Rest your legs and get the app. Or are you someone who keeps meddling with various multiplexes’ apps to check the individual availability? You got a solution right here. Here we bring to you a generic movie ticket booking app with all multiplexes under one roof. Never worry about downloading numerous apps and slowing down your phone just for the sake of booking movie tickets. This is a single app for all your movie ticket needs.

The app has a clean interface, designed to make the entire ticket booking process a whole lot easier. Right from login until checkout the app requires only minimal interactions. There is no point at which the user would be confused or frustrated. The selected options properly highlighted to avoid any errors and there is proper feedback for all the interactions so that the user is aware of their actions.

The app has a simple one step login procedure. The process of movie selection is simple and intuitive because it uses the movie posters. All other selections are quick and straightforward without any complications. The number of interactions are reduced in numerous ways like displaying the show time along with the cinema. Thus the checkout can be made very quickly without any interruptions.

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