Workflow management plays a vital role in large companies. There is a necessity to delegate tasks, track workflows of various employees and administer the overall scenario from one control point. Often there is a communication gap between various heads and the employees under them in an organization, this has to be bridged for efficient workflows and faster task completion. Kissflow is a workflow management software that aims at bridging this gap between the various members of the organization. Kissflow enables automation of tasks using predefined commands and helps organizations to complete a work by a five step process.

There are primarily three types of Kissflow accounts namely Administrator, Creator and User. The admin has a simple and intuitive dashboard which helps in maintaining all workflows and processes. The admin has complete access to the software. The Creator can create workflows and assign it to various people in the organization. They don’t have access to only the Admin dashboard. The manage process initiation and approval. The Users can view and complete the assigned tasks and also initiate new requests. Since the software aims at workflow management and communication within the organization we have made the interfaces look simple and professional to suit the professional employees. The software involves minimal interactions to complete the user goals efficiently. Visually appealing feedback and quantitative data are displayed consistently throughout the software to enable quick perception of progress and analytic results. Thus the software simplifies how tasks and management activities are carried out in an organizational environment.

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