Currncy App

With Currncy, our main aim was to create a smooth and straightforward interface that helps convert currencies with up to date currency rates. There are tons of similar apps out there that offer quite a lot of features for free but we never wanted to replicate the same with Currncy. Keeping it as simple as possible was the given challenge. We also had to create a logo and website, those that would look one and the same on different platforms. User ease always topped our priority list. Delicately designed to be clean and clear!

We developed a significantly simple interface to provide user ease and comfort. With Currncy, users can view the currencies of all countries in alphabetical order and their real time updates as well. They can also choose their list of favourites and will get to see the real time updates of those specific countries alone. Techno facts made easy with this app!

The android version of Currncy was developed with Google’s material design. It is a design with amplified use of responsive animations, grid-based layouts, depth effects and much more that are used almost on all devices that were manufactured post 2009. This material design is eventually used in most of Google’s web and mobile products, thereby paving way for a unanimous experience across varied platforms and applications.

As much as your logo, your website also carries substantial significance. It’s very much the physical face of your business. With such concrete strategy in mind we set forth creating a website for Currncy with undoubtedly consistent designs, crystal clear interface and everything that’s required to keep the app up and running.

The iOS version of Currncy was brought into being based on the iOS8 design guidelines. The iOS 8 version that has almost 4000 APIs gives you the opportunity to include several novel features and potentials to your apps. It also allows you to widen your app’s performance level by supplying app extensions that highlight the power of your app according to the needs and requirements of it users.

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