Book Theme

Book theme is one of our professional theme designs made to fulfill the requirements of the magazine and news industry. Since it is a theme and it is going to be used by more than one person or organization, we made it a point to provide number of layout customization options along with easily changeable color palette. Since the users these days are irritated and bored of the too cluttered and confusing layouts of many of the current news and magazine websites, we decided to design a sleek, modern looking theme with superior functionality.

We were given a more specific task to design a theme for magazine purposes. After research and analysis of various existing sites and the user needs we came up with different layouts for all the main content of the website. Different layouts because we wanted to meet the requirements and preferences of almost all the users in the market. Our primary focus was ultimate customization and content dominating design. Since it is essentially going to be made into a magazine or a news website, the content plays an important role. Content is the primary reason for which the user comes to the website. So we never compromised on the size, legibility, layout and attention seeking properties of the content. We made various pages to accommodate different types of content like text, images, video and audio. We ended up with what you see right now. Doesn’t it give a perfect magazine feel?

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